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How An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You Get Your Medical Bills Paid

After an accident, one of the last things you want to think about is how to pay your medical bills while you are being treated. While it's true that you can file a personal injury claim to sue the other driver or the party you believe is responsible for a slip and fall accident, or a product defect injury, that will take time to process.

If you need help paying your medical bills right away, your auto accident attorney can potentially help you get your medical bills paid. Here are some things they may help you with.

File A Claim With Your Auto Insurance

If you have full comprehensive auto insurance on your vehicle that includes medical insurance, an auto accident attorney could help you file a claim to get your medical bills paid using a portion of that insurance.

Your lawyer can walk you through the process of applying for a claim with your auto insurance company to ensure all the correct paperwork is filled out and all relevant documentation and medical records are sent along with the application. If your auto insurance company denies your claim, your lawyer can help you file an appeal.

Along the same lines, if you were a pedestrian and don't have car insurance but were injured in an accident, you could use your health provider's insurance coverage to help pay your medical bills. Your auto accident attorney will know which is the best option for your case.

Medicaid Or Medicare Coverage

It's possible you could pay your medical bills after a car accident with your existing Medicaid or Medicare health insurance coverage. Your auto accident attorney can look into your coverage to see if that option is available to you. If you do have comprehensive Medicaid or Medicare coverage, your lawyer can help you file a claim to help get your medical bills paid.

Medical Lien

It's possible that you have no medical insurance coverage at all, or your insurance is basic and doesn't cover many medical treatments that you might need in the future after a car accident.

If this is the case, your auto accident attorney can help you negotiate a medical lien with a medical insurance provider to help you pay for your medical bills. You will pay back the medical lien over time using any lawsuit settlement money. It gives you the time you need to either get medical insurance at a later date, or to be able to acquire the funds to pay the lien back.