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Drivers From Delavan WI Need DUI Attorneys

A single drinking and driving mistake has so many potential ramifications that it boggles the mind why anyone would make such a mistake in the first place. Yet, dozens of drivers every year in the state of Wisconsin still go out to bars and taverns on the weekends and drive home intoxicated. Those that think they can get away with it again and again are probably the most dangerous of all, because they think they are immune or they'll never get caught. Delavan WI DUI attorneys represent people with these ideations all the time, but they also represent people who get caught the first time and are completely humiliated that they made such a mistake. There's a third group, too, which Delavan WI DUI attorneys represent and that's the repeating offenders group. Some people, despite the number of times they have been caught and punished by the court systems can't seem to stop themselves from repeating the same offense, and often an addiction to alcohol is to blame. Regardless of which scenario is at the heart of a DUI case, an attorney can help. Absolutely no one who has been arrested and accused of a DUI can or will be able to defend themselves in the courts because the courts will be relentless in their pursuit of these cases. A Delavan WI DUI attorney is quite aware of how harsh the system can be, even if it is a person's first offense. The attorney can find ways to lessen the punishment or eliminate it altogether. Sometimes, but rarely, a person isn't even under the influence of drugs or alcohol despite what the breathalyzer might have said. In these rare instances, there's a fighting chance that the accused might never have to forfeit his driving privileges, go to jail or pay a fine. Of course, the accused will never know unless he is willing to try and fight the charges with a lawyer's help. In the state of Wisconsin a first offense of a DUI is punishable by suspension of one's license for a month or more and possibly a fine of $1000, give or take what the judge sees as reasonable. Given that most Wisconsinites rely on their cars heavily to transport them to and from work, that's a seriously rough patch and only an exception made to drive during certain hours for work or school are allowed. That will also cost the person involved more time and money because he or she will have to go to the nearest D.O.T. office, apply, and pay for, a special license that will allow them to continue going to work on a suspended license so they can pay their DUI fines. Most people learn their lesson after this, to be sure, but a DUI attorney in Delavan WI can help reduce the fine such that the client's entire pay during that month isn't going towards fines and the client has something to live on. This is just an example of what DUI lawyers can do. Even those with a record of repeat offenses have some small hope when the attorneys try to arrange a reduction in the sentence balanced with some sort of rehab program and community service time. The flip side to this coin are those who can't afford a lawyer but desperately want one. He or she can ask the courts to appoint one, but a completely unbiased lawyer appointed by the courts isn't likely to be the accused's best bet. To really have someone on their side in the courtroom who will do everything to defend them, DUI clients should do all they can to hire the right lawyer to help them.