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How Does A Wrongful Death Attorney In Torrance CA Win A Case

If a family member dies due to the negligent actions or inaction of another party, the descendants are entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to get compensation from the negligent party's insurance company without legal help. Until the insurance company feels that there is a good chance of losing big during an impending jury trial, the offers of compensation for that family member will be paltry. That is why family members of a deceased person who was fatally injured by another party should consider hiring a wrongful death attorney in Torrance CA. The first step is to hire a wrongful death attorney in Torrance CA. Almost all attorneys in this area of the law are willing to offer a free consultation to potential clients. This initial consultation can be helpful to both the family members of the deceased as well as the attorney. The family members of the deceased can learn more about the services offered by the attorney. At the same time, the lawyer can figure out if there is a viable case where there is a very good chance of getting compensation. If there is a viable case, the attorney will likely offer to work on a contingency basis. This means the lawyer is paid from any eventual settlement or jury award. If there is no settlement or if the plaintiff loses the case, there are no fees due to the lawyer. If there is a settlement or jury award, a portion of it will go the lawyer. Out-of-pocket fees will need to be paid by the client. Those fees are typically advanced by the attorney. If the wrongful death attorney in Torrance CA is hired, the first thing to do is to prove that the defendant was negligent in the accident or incident that caused the death. This can be either easy or difficult to do. For example, if a victim died of cancer caused by asbestos exposure, it may sometimes be difficult to prove where the asbestos exposure came from. If the victim worked at a place with asbestos for many years, negligence will be easier to prove. On the other hand, if the victim doesn't know for sure where the asbestos exposure came from, it can be difficult to prove that the defendant caused the death. It is likely that the lawyer will want to conduct a deposition on the defendant in an effort to gather evidence. It is also important for the wrongful death attorney in Torrance CA to prove that the fatal injuries did not have another cause. If the deceased victim has an extensive medical history, it may be possible for the insurance company to argue that the death had a cause other than the accident. Eventually, the attorney and the insurance company representatives will need to begin settlement talks once both sides have had a chance to gather evidence. There are risks for both sides to go to a jury trial. Both sides incur a lot of expenses when going to trial. That is why most cases are settled without a court trial. However, the best settlement offers often do not appear from the insurance company until a trial date has been set. That is why it may be years after the passing of the victim before there is any compensation paid. Although it is unfortunate that the process takes a long time, many descendants of victims killed in accidents caused by other parties eventually get compensation. Wrongful death lawsuits can take a very long time to settle for an amount that is fair to the descendants of the victim even with the help of a lawyer. Nevertheless, hiring a lawyer is necessary in getting a good settlement. That is why descendants of victims killed in an accident caused by another party should seriously think about hiring an attorney to sue the responsible party. Justice may be slow, but beneficiaries of victims will eventually get the compensation that they deserve. For more info on wrongful death attorneys in Torrence, CA, please follow the linked text.