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How To Get Approved For Social Security Disability For Mental Illness

If your husband suddenly has a mental breakdown and is left unable to work because of his emotional state, you may want to hire a social security attorney to help you file for disability income for him. Social security (SS) disability income is designed to help people support themselves if they cannot work, but getting approved for this can be a challenging process.

Ways To Prove The Need

One of the most difficult parts of getting approved for Social Security disability is proving that there is a need for it. The administration that handles these requests will not approve an application simply because a person applied. It takes proving that the applicant cannot work and that this income is necessary for survival.

Your lawyer will help you prove that your husband cannot work any longer, and this can be done through:

  • Doctor reports
  • Evaluations from psychiatrists
  • Records from the hospital or mental health facility
  • List of medications he is currently taking

You may need to thoroughly describe the changes that occurred in your husband when he experienced this breakdown. If he was completely able before this, you should have no trouble proving that the changes have left him unable to work like he once did.

Filing The Right Paperwork

Applying for disability coverage for him is something you can actually do yourself, and you can do this online, in person, or over the phone. This is the first step needed, and when you apply on behalf of your husband, be prepared to need a lot of documentation, including his:

  • Birth certificate
  • Military papers, if applicable
  • Information about previous employers
  • Tax returns or W-2 statements
  • Current medications

Without the right documents, you will have trouble filing, and his application may end up getting turned down. In fact, many applications are initially declined, but this does not mean you cannot continue pursuing the benefits.

Before you decide if you should appeal, it's important to understand that there are legitimate reasons they can deny your claim. If you review these reasons and still feel that your husband is entitled to the benefits, you should consider filing an appeal.

Appealing A Denial

You can do this yourself or by hiring a social security attorney. While it is possible to handle an appeal yourself, it is not recommended. A social security attorney knows the process and how to handle it in a way that will give you the best results. The attorney will help you get an appeal hearing with the administration, and this is the time when you will be able to present the evidence you have. This evidence is crucial in the decision made about this, and attending this hearing is not something you should do alone.

The only downside to this is that you will have to pay the attorney to help you, and social security attorneys often charge 25% of the social security benefits received if a client is approved. Most attorneys do not require upfront payments for services though; they will simply take the money when your husband receives the benefits.

During the appeals hearing, a judge may ask your husband numerous questions. If he is not able to answer the questions, the judge may allow you to answer them for him. Your attorney will also be there during the hearing, and he or she may inform the judge of the condition of your husband's mental state.

There are times when people really need social security disability benefits, but getting approved may not be easy. Having a lawyer on your side is the best way to get the results you are hoping for, and you can contact a social security attorney in your area to learn more.