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Keys To A Successful Fire Insurance Claim

If you find yourself in need of filing a fire insurance claim, you are probably in a precarious financial situation and can't afford to lose any more money. That is why it is crucial to take the right steps when filing your fire insurance claim to ensure that your claim goes through. Here are the steps that will most impact your outcome in a fire insurance claim. 

Start the Claim Right Away

You want to start the insurance claim right away for a couple of reasons. First of all, it helps cement the incident and get the payment process underway, which could take weeks or months. It also allows you to ask for an advance against your insurance payouts if you need some finances for temporary living expenses. And if there are documents that you will need to complete your insurance claim, you can start working on them right away, while the incident is still fresh in everyone's mind. During the claim process, it's important that you continue to pay your insurance payments and also make yourself available to speak with insurance claims adjusters who may have questions for you. 

Document Everything

You should also start documenting every expense you have from the beginning. That includes getting receipts and invoices for every service provider or item you replace. Hotel bills should be kept track of meticulously. Another thing your insurance company might want to see is a list of the items that have been damaged or destroyed during the fire. If your insurance plan includes coverage for property, having the physical evidence of destroyed items could be helpful. In addition to getting photos of as much as you can, be sure that you don't throw away any items that could eventually support your case. 

Hire a Fire Attorney When You Need it

If you are experiencing any issues with filing your claim, hire a fire attorney to take over from here. Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, especially if you don't have all of the right documentation or there were some unusual circumstances surrounding a fire on your property. You may not always get an insurance payout that truly covers your losses. A fire attorney helps negotiate a higher rate of compensation by putting together the correct documentation, putting up a strong argument to support circumstances that are ambiguous, and using your insurance contract to argue for the correct compensation. 

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