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Suing For Employment Discrimination

Searching for a job is the type of process that can take a long time before one is found. When you finally get called for an interview, it can cause a lot of anxiety, especially if you desperately need the job. If you went to a job interview and feel as though you were turned down due to discrimination, it might be a reason for filing a lawsuit. You should consider suing the other party only if you are sure that you were discriminated against, as well as if the incident caused problems in your life. Take a look at this article to learn what an employment attorney, like those at Law Offices Of Timothy O'Brien, can do to assist with your claim.

Determine if Your Claim is Solid Enough

You will not be able to sue the other party unless your claim is found to be strong enough. Most attorneys will first want to hear about the incident before agreeing to accept a case. You will have to let the attorney know why you feel as though you were denied the job due to discrimination being involved. For instance, did the person that was conducting the interview automatically become rude after seeing you in person? Was there a mention about your age, race, or sex during the job interview that made you feel uncomfortable?

Look into the Background of the Other Party

After determining that you have a strong claim for employment discrimination, the attorney will investigate the other party. His or her goal will be to find out if the other party has a reputation for discriminating against applicants. Public records will be searched in an effort for the attorney to locate any past lawsuits against the company you were trying to work for, as well as the specific person that conducted the interview. If any past records are found, the attorney might contact some of the people that were involved in the lawsuits. He or she will determine if the other people can possibly be witnesses to make your case stronger.

Obtain a Deserving Amount of Compensation

When you request compensation from the other party, an attorney will make sure that it is in the highest amount possible. For instance, if the incident led to you needing counseling on a regular basis, the money can be obtained in the lawsuit. The pain and suffering that you are experiencing because of the incident will be calculated into your award as well.