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Not All Social Security Disability Lawyers Are The Same: Why You Need To Know

There are several kinds of disability lawyers. Some are willing to take on cases for all types of disability benefits, while others may only take on cases for children. It is important to know just what kind of disability lawyer you need, so that you hire the correct one.

Social Security Disability Attorney for Just First-Time Applicants

If you are applying for Social Security Disability benefits (or SSDI) for the very first time, it is advised that you hire a lawyer. There are many things that can go wrong with your application, including forms from your doctors that go missing, or important documents that can show that you are indeed disabled. These lawyers handle ONLY first-time applicants who are seeking disability benefits, and that is their specialty.

Social Security Disability Appeals

These are SSDI lawyers who only handle appeals cases. If you chose to apply for benefits entirely by yourself the first time around and were denied, you will have to file an appeal. The appeals lawyers can get to the bottom of why your application was denied and then try to help you file again, and file it correctly.

Social Security Disability for Children

Then there are the attorneys who handle disability cases just for children. They do not handle adult disability cases, nor do they handle appeals cases unless the appeals directly relate to their clients' children. Even getting a second opinion on your adult case is not something a children's disability lawyer is likely to handle because there are very different rules and regulations regarding adult SSDI and child SSDI.

Private Disability Insurance Claims

This type of lawyer has nothing to do with Federal SSDI applications or claims. Instead, he or she manages applications, claims, denials, and appeals for private disability insurance. This often confuses many people because private disability is insurance you paid for out of your paychecks, and/or to which your employer contributed. Your lawyer sponsors the program and offers it as an employee benefit. It has no connection at all to the Federal SSDI program. 

If you have issues with your private disability insurance, you need to talk to a lawyer that handles these cases. Any and all of the above types of lawyers cannot help you as they would be completely unfamiliar with your private insurance. Whichever disability insurance issue you have, that is the type of disability insurance lawyer you should see and hire, such as from Horn & Kelley, PC Attorneys at Law.