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Three Faster Social Security Paths To Approval

When you are unable to work at your job because of a medical condition, you are probably suffering doubly. Not only are you in discomfort and pain due to your condition, you are also likely suffering from the financial repercussions of the situation. To make maters worse, the Social Social Administration (SSA) can take a long time to process your application and get your benefits started. If you fit the requirements, however, you may be eligible to travel a faster path to approval. Read on to learn more about these three accelerated programs.

Does your illness appear on a special list?

The SSA has identified certain aliments and used them to form a list, known as the compassionate allowance list. If your doctor provides proof that you are suffering from one or more of the medical conditions appearing on the list, your can expect to have a faster processing time as well as a lighter burden of proof of disability. This list contains many different types of conditions, from certain types of cancer to early onset Alzheimer's disease. You should understand that inclusion of your condition on this list, or for any of the other two programs below, does not eliminate the need for the mandatory 5 month waiting period.

Does your illness fit the algorithm?

The SSA maintains an impressive database of information about various medical conditions and the rate of approval for benefits. When your application contains certain keywords, an algorithm is identified and triggers a program known as the Quick Disability Determination program (QDD). Having your illness fit this pattern means quicker processing of your claim and faster approvals.

Does your illness appear on the TERI list?

The terminal illness list contains a vast array of medical conditions that are identified as being terminal in nature, which means that there is a higher than usual probability of the illness leading to death. This program benefits those who suffer from such an illness by speeding along the processing of the application to allow for end-of-life care, such as hospice care. Inclusion on this list means faster help for those who not only suffer from a terminal illness, but for those who care for them.

What to know

When you or a loved one gains access to one of these accelerated categories of SSA approval, you may never even know about it. You won't find mention of any of these programs in any correspondence or forms sent to you, but you will benefit from the quicker processing of any applications.

If you are having trouble getting your Social Security claim approved, speak to an attorney as soon as possible and get some support and representation at your appeal hearing. You can also visit websites like http://www.socialsecurityesq.com.