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Will The Consequences Be Worse For A Second DWI?

Getting a first DUI or a DWI happens to a lot of people, and courts are generally fairly lenient to people when they make this mistake one time. When a person encounters a second one, though, this is not always the case. A second DUI charge will likely result in worse and more severe consequences than a first one, and here are a few things to understand if you are now facing your second DUI.

How Long Ago Your First DUI Was

There is something called a washout period, or lookback period; however, this is not the case with all states. If your state has one, though, it will be vital to know about this. This lookback period is just an amount of time from your first DUI to this second one you are now facing. If your state has a period like this, the court might view your second DUI as a first one. Some states have a period of five years, while others have a different length of time, and there are also other states that do not even have a lookback period.

Courts View a Second One as a Habit

If your state does not have a lookback period or if not enough time passed since your first one, it is important to know that the court might view your second charge as a habit. In other words, courts are lenient with a first DUI, as anyone could make this mistake. For a second one to occur, though, the courts often view this as something a person does often, and this is frowned upon. Because of this, you might face steeper penalties for this second charge.

The Potential Consequences of a Second DUI

Consequences for any crime are highly dependent on so many factors, including the state where you reside, the nature of the charge, and the record you have criminally. Because of this, it is hard to say what consequences you will face, but you should know that the consequences will probably be a lot worse if this is not the first DUI charge you have had.

Driving while you are impaired in any way is dangerous for yourself and others, and this is why courts take this offense seriously. If you are facing a first or second DUI charge, it is imperative that you hire a DWI lawyer for help with your case, as you will need legal help in this matter.