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Why A DUI Might Result In A Hardship License And What This Means

Getting arrested for a DUI will result in criminal charges, the criminal process, and consequences unless the court dismisses the charges. You can wind up with many consequences, even for a first DUI charge, and one of these is the requirement for a hardship license. If you do not understand why this happens or what this means, continue reading to find out more information.

A DUI Is a Serious Driving Offense

When people drive while they are under the influence, they can harm themselves and others. As a result, courts take this charge seriously, which is why a DUI charge might result in a hardship license. After you get a DUI charge, the court is likely to suspend your driver's license for a time. You might be able to get your driver's license back after a while, but it depends on the situation and other factors. If you are having trouble getting it back, your DUI lawyer might suggest requesting a hardship license.

What a Hardship License Is

A hardship license is a driver's license that has restrictions. Some areas call this a restricted driver's license, while others refer to it as a hardship license. When you have a hardship license, you cannot drive whenever and wherever you please. Instead, you have rules to follow. One of the main rules is that you can only drive a vehicle to specific, approved places. For example, work, is a place that you can drive to and from with a hardship license. If you have children, you might be able to use it to drive them places. If you drive other places that are not approved and get caught, you could lose this privilege.

How to Get One

If you need the ability to legally drive but cannot get your driver's license back, you can talk to your DUI lawyer about applying for a hardship license. To get one, you will have to petition the court for one. The court must review your case and approve it before you are eligible for one. If the court denies the request, you will not be able to drive legally.

If the court approves your request, they might require installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This device monitors your blood-alcohol level and prevents you from driving while under the influence.

Contact a DUI law firm if you are facing criminal charges for any driving-related crime. A DUI attorney can advise you and help you work through your case.