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3 Facts You May Not Know About Workers Compensation Law

Despite the fact that most employees are protected by workers compensation laws, there are some important facts regarding these laws that many individuals simply do not know. Continue reading to learn more about three of these important facts so that you can be prepared in the event that you are ever injured on the job. 

Workers Compensation Laws Cover Both Single Incident Injuries And Repetitive Stress Injuries

While most people know that they can file a claim for workers compensation benefits if they are injured as the result of an on-the-job accident, they may not know that these benefits also extend to what is known as repetitive stress injuries. Repetitive stress, or repetitive motion, injuries are the result of doing your job over the long term. For example, many people who spend a good part of their day on the computer may eventually develop carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of the repetitive motion that comes along with typing. Workers compensation laws provide workers with the ability to apply for benefits in order to cover the cost of medical bills, lost income, and other expenses related to this type of injury. 

Workers Compensation Is A No-Fault System

Deciding fault is a major factor when dealing with most types of insurance. For example, if you are found to be at fault for causing a car accident, you may not be able to file a claim for insurance benefits since the injuries you suffered were ultimately the result of your own negligence or carelessness. This is not the case when it comes to workers compensation insurance benefits. This is because workers compensation is what is referred to as a no-fault system. What this means is that the issue of fault is not relevant in determining whether or not you qualify for benefits. Even if you are at fault for your accident, you can still receive workers compensation benefits if this accident occurred on the job.

Workers Compensation Laws Provide You With The Right To Seek Legal Counsel

People often assume that workers compensation is a benefit that is offered directly through their employer, and therefore, any issues regarding these benefits must be settled directly with their employer. However, this simply is not the case. Most employers are mandated by law to carry workers compensation insurance. Since this insurance is regulated by law, employees have certain rights under the law when it comes to collect benefits through this insurance program. One of these rights is the right to seek legal counsel when pursuing a workers compensation claim. 

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