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Auto Accident Law: Dealing With Accidents Caused By Defective Traffic Lights And Bad Road

Many things cause road accidents. Breaking the speed limit, driving while drunk, sleep-driving, reckless driving, and texting while driving are the leading causes of auto accidents. Additionally, bad road conditions, poor weather, defective road work, and dead traffic lights also play a huge role in many road accidents. The likelihood of an accident rises in the presence of even one of these risk factors. 

If you get into an accident because of any of these factors, hire an auto accident lawyer and file a lawsuit right away. Read more about these dangers below. 

Poorly Constructed Roadway Infrastructure

The design of a highway can substantially impact its safety. Essentially, the government should construct roads with everyone's safety in mind. For instance, it is necessary to provide appropriate facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists on all routes. Also, traffic-calming measures go a long way in curtailing accidents. Therefore, you may be eligible for compensation if you encounter an accident due to poor or missing road infrastructure. 

Bad Drainage

When towns and cities have poor drainage, water stagnates on the road surface after a heavy downpour or snow. This is detrimental for vehicles as it leads to over-steering, hydroplaning, and other issues that spur accidents. Additionally, a high water level can flood your engine, making the vehicles less controllable in traffic.

Construction Zones That Are Not Marked

Roads under construction need to be marked for easier visibility by the motorist. Besides that, the signage needs to alert a driver about the road construction work ahead. That way, a motorist will slow down and have enough mental preparation while approaching the site. Poor or missing signage can lead to accidents.

Traffic Lights Failing to Operate

At crowded junctions, drivers rely heavily on traffic lights to keep them on the right side of the road. If you don't see the traffic signals, you are likely driving in an unsafe location. Power outages, vandalism, neglect, and extreme weather could all be culprits behind traffic light malfunction. Motorists get confused when traffic lights fail, and they can easily get into collisions. 


You can easily lose control of your vehicle if you encounter a pothole that's too large or if your car is ill-equipped to deal with it. As a result, you can crash on a roadside object or collide with an oncoming car. Generally, potholes pose a danger to vehicles, pedestrians, riders, and bicyclists. 

It is crucial to be mindful of the road conditions while driving. But if you get into an accident for reasons beyond your control, such as those discussed above, seek compensation. Contact a car accident lawyer for more information.