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Don't Lose Your Auto Accident Case Before It Begins

Auto accident lawyers see their clients make a lot of mistakes. These mistakes are often the reasons why so many clients lose their cases early in the game. Even if there was a solid foundation for a case, these errors can make all the difference.

While you may have been in an accident, this does not mean that you are helpless. Knowing what to do (and what not to do) can make a significant difference. Here's how people lose their cases so early on.

Admitting Fault at the Scene

Never admit fault at the scene of an auto accident—even if you aren't sure what happened. It is better if you do not say anything at all but rather exchange identification and insurance information.

Downplaying Injuries at the Scene (or Later)

If you are at the scene of the accident saying that you feel fine, trying to later claim that you have a severe back injury may not work so well. It is better not to say that you feel okay at the scene of the accident or later to others.

Failing to Get Medical Treatment

Next, you should make sure that you always get medical treatment after an accident. It is not enough to simply get a diagnosis. You also need to show that the injury was severe enough that you needed medical treatment.

Failure to Abide by the Doctor's Orders

Once you do receive medical treatment, it is important that you continue to follow the doctor's orders. Failing to abide by these orders could indicate in court that the injury did not require this treatment or that it was not as severe as you claimed.

Speaking With an Insurance Company

Next, make sure that you do not speak with an insurance company (even your own) without a lawyer present. This means you definitely should not sign documents they send you until they are looked over by your lawyer.

Lying to a Car Accident Lawyer

Many people hire a car accident lawyer but do not tell them the whole truth. When the truth comes out, this can be devastating to a case. Make sure you are always honest with your lawyer about what happened so they can build a strong and accurate case.

Not Speaking to a Car Accident Lawyer

One of the biggest reasons people lose auto accident cases before they begin is making any of these mistakes. If you want to avoid making these mistakes, speak with a lawyer so you learn how to avoid making a major mistake that could cost you the compensation you deserve.  

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