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3 Reasons You Should Talk To An Accident Attorney Before Talking To The Insurance Company

After being injured in an auto accident, many people's first call is to the insurance company. While this may seem like a logical first step to take, the truth is that you are far better off contacting an accident attorney before you talk to the insurance company. Continue reading to learn more about the three reasons why an attorney really should be your first call after receiving the medical attention you require.

#1: An Attorney Will Not Be Able To Undo Any Damage Done By The Statement Given To The Insurance Company

When you contact the insurance company to file a claim, you will be asked multiple questions regarding the accident. You will often be asked to give a statement regarding what happened, what type of injuries you suffered, and what led to the accident occurring. While these may seem like very straightforward and innocent questions, the truth is that your answers could significantly impact the outcome of your claim. Even if you choose to hire an accident attorney at a later date, this attorney will not be able to undo any damage that may have been done to your claim as a result of your initial statement. That is why it is always best to talk to an attorney before this statement is given. If the insurance company contacts you before you can talk to a lawyer, simply inform them that you will be consulting your attorney before giving a statement. 

#2: Avoid Lowball Offers From The Insurance Company

The goal of the insurance company will be to settle your claim for as little as possible. One way insurance companies often achieve this goal is by making a quick offer on the claim in order to entice people into settling before they are able to retain an attorney. These quick offers are often well below what the claim is actually worth. Choosing to contact an accident attorney right away will allow you to avoid these types of lowball offers by demonstrating to the insurance company from the very beginning that you mean business. 

#3: Ensure That Your Rights Are Protected From The Very Beginning

You have a wide range of rights under the law when seeking compensation for injuries suffered in an auto accident. It is not the insurance company's job to inform you of these rights or to encourage you to exercise them. After all, even your own insurance carrier will be tasked with the job of looking out for their own best interest, not yours. The only way to truly ensure that your rights are protected from the very beginning is to have a legal professional on your side that is able to advise you of these rights and ensure the insurance company does not violate them. The best way to accomplish this is to contact an accident attorney before you contact the insurance company. 

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