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Can A Rental Company Be Liable For An Accident?

When you enter a car rental, you assume the vehicle will be safe and well-maintained. However, you might discover that the brakes don't work, and you suddenly slam into a nearby car. After your accident, you find yourself injured and realize the brakes are defective. 

Insurance Requirements

When renting a car, you are required to carry auto insurance. Most renters are covered by their auto insurance provider, but this is only sometimes the case. You are also able to purchase insurance from the car rental service. When purchasing insurance, you will be informed about what the policy covers.


After the accident, one of the first questions asked is who was operating the vehicle at the time of the accident and whether they were an individual who was allowed to drive the car. The type of vehicle you were renting will affect your coverage for the vehicle. The vehicle's location will also determine whether the insurance policy covers you.

If you are involved in an accident, another party might have suffered damages and may be entitled to compensation. Under US law, the rental company is not obligated to pay for the injuries the other party suffered due to the accident unless they were responsible.

When a Car Rental Company is Liable

In the case of a car that crashes, because the brakes do not work, the rental company may be held responsible because they were negligent and should have made sure that the brakes were operational. If the rental company knew the brakes were defective but chose to rent the car anyway, they might be liable.

A personal injury attorney can help you determine who is at fault for the accident by allowing you to conduct research to determine why the accident occurred. You can then gather evidence to prove that the rental company was negligent. 


Once your attorney can prove negligence, the next step is determining the full extent of your damages. The damages are more extensive than you think and go beyond medical expenses. It's crucial to ensure you factor in everything, from lost wages to pain and suffering, to maximize your compensation. 

If you do not fully calculate the damages you have suffered, you will not be able to go back later on to ask for more money. Then, you might be left with unpaid medical bills and unable to work. Therefore, involving an attorney in your case is essential when seeking damages.